Kikuyu is an extremely vigorously growing lawn with a medium broad leaf.  Because it grows so quickly, it is well suited to areas of heavy wear (such as kids play areas) and it will repair itself if it gets damaged.  It does this by sending out runners to help fix the worn or damaged areas.  Kikuyu grows fastest in warmer climates and it prefers full sun.  It can look rather sparse in shadier areas of the garden.  Kikuyu is very durable and it tolerates dry spells quite well.

Couch - Wintergreen

Wintergreen Couch is a beautiful, lush, dark green lawn that has very fine leaves, or blades.  It is a hybrid form of couch that stays looking good all year round.  Like most other turf, it grows best in full sun but it can tolerate a little shade.  Wintergreen Couch is soft underfoot and wears very well so it is ideal for higher traffic areas or kids play areas.  One excellent feature of this type of turf is that once it is established, it can regrow after a period of neglect.


Buffalo – Soft Leaf

This is a very tough type of Buffalo lawn and it is excellent for areas that get a lot of use.  It is lush underfoot while still being extremely hardwearing.  Basically, you can throw anything at a Buffalo lawn and it will accept it!  Common Buffalo prefers full sun but it will grow in shaded areas.  It is also very drought resistant and will stay looking lush and green all year